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is one of the leading Croatian trading companies in the field of foreign trade. It was founded in 1952. Our long-standing tradition, together with well outlined activities focused on the development of business relationships and connections with domestic and foreign companies and banks, earned us a reputation as an experienced and reliable business partner.

Astra International is a joint-stock company owned by the Republic of Croatia.

In the commercial activities we are focused on several areas: metal, wood, textile, chemistry, agriculture, and food as well as special deliveries for the requirements of the Government. In addition to classical import-export business in the area of the foreign trade, we create specific business operations such as: barter trade, reexport and lohn activities as well as foreign firm representation.

In the project operations we play a role as a contractor, a constructor and / or a project manager. Together with our subcontractors we carry out complex activities in the field of electrical energy, civil engineering, infrastructure and processing industry in the country and abroad.
We work on the distribution and building in of the aluminum structures under the program of the Croatian Association of manufacturers of aluminum structures.

Astra International Inc. has warehouses at two locations, one in Velika Gorica near the Zagreb Airport, total surface area of 10 000 square meters, and the other in Rijeka, in Rijeka Harbour , total surface area of 6500 square metres.

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